The Insider’s Guide to an Amazing Winter Fruit Salad

I sent my husband to the grocery store on Christmas Eve, both as a necessity and as a tiny test of his survival skills. He survived; I’m happy!

Before his arduous journey, the two of us generated the short list over a few painstakingly moments prior to him leaving the house.  Then as he arrived at the store, the expected several text messages with further clarification questions came at me like a cannonball.  Before he left I asked him to get fruit for a fruit salad; he’s eaten my fruit salad countless times, and yet still asked, “what fruit do you want?”  My detailed answer, “The usual: cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas” seemed like a simple explanation with very little room for error.

I underestimated it!

p1020015He came home with pears, cantaloupe, banana and pomegranate.  There’s a reason I didn’t ask for pomegranate; I’ve never cracked one open in my life.  But here sits the fruit for some mysterious salad I’m sure to make for breakfast in the morning.

Of course, as I stand in the kitchen looking at the fruit, I realize it’s an amazing selection.  I love all four; they’ll make beautiful music together. Pomegranate is a super food, after all! I should eat more of it, and tomorrow I will! Plus it will be a gorgeous colorful pop to the otherwise monochromatic selection sitting before me. I will figure out how to get in to that fruit; Google don’t fail me now!

But today, I need to make a plan. My plan is simple: decide whether those fruit flavors will blend well and which dressing to use.

After much deliberation I decided to use everything but the banana. And I would serve it in the cantaloupe itself…I used to have a fancy v-shaped tool used specifically to make a jagged line cut around the cantaloupe but this could be done easily by drawing v shapes all around the melon with a non-toxic marker; I chose simplicity and just cut the melon in half.

I washed and chopped the pear (not too finely…I like chunks), and hollowed out the cantaloupe with a melon baller, then put my husband to working breaking into that pomegranate.   p1020025

He did a great job, and the fruit salad looked amazing.p1020028

I added a little honey-lime dressing (1/2 cup honey and fresh lime juice to taste…throw in some poppy seeds if you have them on hand) and let it all set for a few minutes before serving.  It was a hit next to our cheesy hash brown casserole.p1020032
And when it’s leftovers time tomorrow, throw in a few banana slices and a handful of Cinnamon Sugar Spiced Pecans (chop them up first). You’ll thank me, I promise!

I’m curious: how do you jazz up your winter fruit salad for a special occasion?
Share with your friends, so they’ll know the secret as well.

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