Last Minute Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

As you sit on the sofa binge watching the latest must-see show on Netflix, munching your not-enough-salt, too buttery popcorn, sipping that soulful glass of Montepulciano, the thought crosses your mind like a runaway freight train: you forgot to buy Aunt Marie a holiday gift!  You meant to; you even went to the store with it on your list, but who are you kidding?! Stuff happens. And you forgot.

Don’t worry!  I’ve got you covered!
I’m good like that.

Stop by my Etsy shop, Beach Girl Sparkles, for a few ideas that are customizable, unique, and UNDER $10 !  I’ll even gift wrap it and mail it to Aunt Marie for no additional charge (convo me with Aunt Marie’s address so I’ll send it to her instead of you).  Heck, I’ll even email you a photo of the beautifully wrapped gift so you can be sure to take all the credit for it yourself!

But don’t wait too long, or Aunt Marie will receive it for New Year’s Even instead!

Go forth and shop!
Then tell me how the show turns out; I haven’t watched TV all week!

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